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Jan Gan Man India is a news reporting travelogue of Four eminent Journalists, who are travelling across India to know transformation taken place in the last 75 years.

It’s started from 5th Feb  2023 to 11th March 2024 from Faridabad District of Haryana

The programme is a saga of Indianness. The 400-day journey of 400 districts will show the   Socio, Political and economic dynamics of India to the World through dialogue, interaction, perception, historical monuments, and the unexplored scenic beauty of 100 villages. It’s a reporting entourage exploring India to highlight how India is thriving irrespective of enormous challenges within 75 years of Independence. 

It’s an entourage of exploring Socio, economic & political dynamics of India through audio-visual medium. The 400-day journey of 400 districts will show the unique beauty of India to the World through dialogue, interaction, perception, historical monuments, and unexplored scenic beauty of 100 villages.

The team of five experienced Journalists of India will be leading the voyage of Jan Gan Man India programme.  The cumulative experience of all four members is more than 150 years of Journalism. All five journalists are signatures in their respective streams.  The team is as follows: –

Mr. Anil Tyagi Editor Gfiles (35 years’ Experience) Member Editor’s Guild of India 

Mr. Alam Srinivas Former Business Editor of Outlook and a prolific writer (35 years’ Experience)

Mr. Prashant Tandon 30 years of Experience former Editor Star TV

Mr. Jayant Bhattacharya (32-year Experience) a Veteran Journalist of Times Now

Manish Kumar :  A veteran video Editor with an experience of 25 years

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Some of the districts are very far and it takes time to travel. After studying 400 districts, Jan Gan Man Team may travel to the rest of the 366 districts.

Yes, please see the terms and conditions in the Participate/ Volunteer Section on the main menu.

Jan Gan Man India has planned a one day to seven-day training programme for students of Journalism/ Management. Please click on Students section

Yes, please click on the participation section.

Why Support / contribute?

The travelogue is not planned for profit but to enlighten our countrymen about social, economic, geographical transformation during the last 75 years. It’s a unique travelogue which needs resources to sustain, and being a team of professional journalists, don’t have enough resources to complete this gigantic task.  If you think Jan Gan Man is a perfect reporting digest to fulfil your hunger to know India, then you are most welcome to donate, if you want to know more about Donations …. Please click the link Support

Yes, Jan Gan Man has many merchandises especially designed for the travelogue. Please click On Merchandise

Yes, Jan Gan Man will have books in English and Hindi. Jan Gan Man will publish a book on each state and a comprehensive book, and a coffee table book after completing the journey. To purchase the book in advance, please click on Merchandise

Yes, anybody who has minimum requisite requirement, can join as a Citizen Journalist. Pl click on Citizen Journalist

Yes, anyone can join as a Volunteer if he fulfils the criteria stipulated by Jan Gan Man Team. We are looking for Video Editors, Photographers, SEO Experts, Digital Marketing Experts, State Tour Planners, Hospitality Partners, Barter Marketing Experts, Transport Providers Etc. Pl click to know more at Volunteers